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Mood Journals and Medication Adherence Kits

Mood Journals

We offer the NIMH Life Chart Method Mood Journal, a tool that has been utilized in clinical trials for over three decades. This mood journal is designed to track and monitor changes in mood, allowing patients and practitioners to detect any alterations and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. Moreover, it enables the estimation of future episodes of illness and helps to prevent relapses.


The patient's mood can be tracked and monitored using life charts, a tracking method that records the patient's mood daily based on their symptoms. Life charts provide a visual representation of mood changes along a longitudinal timeline.


How the NIMH Life Chart Method Mood Journal works

The NIMH Life Chart Method Mood Journals seem to be a useful tool for tracking mood and medication effectiveness. Here are a few key points about them:

They allow you to record daily medications taken and your mood for that day in an easy checklist/bubble format.

There is a page to note any side effects experienced as well as events that may have triggered negative emotions.

This tracking is especially helpful when starting new medications, as it allows you and your doctor to identify patterns and see what is or is not working.

Keeping the journal, along with medications, a pen, and water, near the bed can serve as a reminder to consistently fill it out and maintain medication compliance.

At the end of each month, being able to see you stuck to your medication routine can provide a sense of accomplishment.

Overall, these mood journals seem designed to not only give doctors better data to guide treatment, but also to engage and empower patients in self-monitoring their mental health journey. The simple format makes consistent tracking easier.

Saving time and money: a validation of the self ratings on the prospective NIMH life-chart method (NIMH-LCM)

Medication Adherence Kits

Our organization is dedicated to helping our members worldwide maintain optimal health through medication adherence. To achieve this, we offer comprehensive Medication Adherence Kits that are designed to cater to their individual needs. These kits include a Mood Journal, which helps them track their moods and emotional states, a Pillbox, which enables them to organize and keep track of their medication schedule, and a RACABD Pen, which reminds them of their medication schedule and enables them to take notes. 

By providing these essential items, we hope to empower our members to take control of their health and adhere to their prescribed medication regimen with ease. Our goal is to increase medication adherence rates among our members and ultimately improve their health outcomes.

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