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A. Simpson | Patient

When I was first diagnosed with bipolar, I was overwhelmed. I was blessed with an excellent psychiatrist but there was only so much she could share with me during a quick appointment as we worked to balance my medications. This group allowed me to dive into the research and taught me to be my own best advocate. I learned more from the group than the countless books I have picked up over the years in search of answers. But more than that, the community aspect was what made me want to stay in the group even when I achieved remission.

The drama-free atmosphere, the focus on clinical findings and evidence-based research over anecdotes, and the encouragement to continue learning and speaking up for myself has changed my outlook on this illness. I know I will have bipolar for the rest of my life, but this group ensures that I’m armed with the latest answers from leading experts in the field and that I never have to walk this journey alone.

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